What is the Open Knowledge Hub

The OKhub.org is comprised of a number of components;


1. The OKhub.org admin interface:

This is the interface by which contributions of content to the OKhub.org can be managed and updated. (Currently this is for internal use only).

2. The OKhub.org data store:

The data store itself has been developed using Drupal and is populated with the different collections of content.

3. The OKhub.org augmentation layer:

This is where the mapping of different data structures to connect one set of data to the others happens such as the mapping of fields and taxonomy structures like themes/topics.

4. The OKhub.org SOLR index:

The search index uses SOLR and makes it possible for users to construct complex searches of the content (using the API) to identify what’s useful to them.

5. The OKhub.org API:

An application programming interface enables users to gain access to the content. An API Explorer documents the API and enables you to interrogate the API and construct URL calls.



We are in the process of developing an initial set of plugins allowing popular content management systems to interact with the OKhub.org. Our “content exposer tool” for the WordPress CMS showcases one means by which content providers will be able to share their content with the OKhub.org.



The OKhub.org Content Explorer:

This tool provides a simple interface that enables developers, website managers and content providers to explore the scope of the content sources in the OKhub.org without having to register to use the API.