OKhub Web Widget

Do your website users need up to date research based evidence from a range of trusted sources?

Do you want to automatically display the latest development research on your theme or about your region?

Then install the OKhub Web Widget on your site today.

The OKHub Javascript Web Widget allows you to create content relevant to your users and embed it in your website with a few simple lines of code. The widget then automatically displays the latest development research from a wide variety of trusted sources based on your preferences. Check out the example on the right hand side of this page.

How to install:

  • Register for an OKhub API key
  • Visit the OKhub Web Widget configuration page
  • Customise the widget with your search (you can display content based on country, thematic focus)
  • Customise the widget title and colours – the widget will automatically take on some of the styling of your website, but additional styling is also possible
  • Enter your API key
  • Copy and paste the code snippet into your website, wherever you want it to appear (for example in WordPress* in a sidebar widget, or in a block in Drupal)
  • Visit a website page and see the content appear for you and your users!
Customise your widget

* Please note that javascript is not allowed in WordPress.com. Sorry about that!