OKhub.org Plugins

We have already developed some applications using the OKhub.org API to make it easier for you to consume OKhub.org content and to contribute your content to the OKhub.org.

We will focus on the most popular content management systems (CMS). Please find applications below - and keep checking back as we are developing more as time goes on.

If you would like to amend or extend our applications, then we would love you to do so! You can find more information here or check out our code on our Github account.

OKhub Web Widget

The OKHub Javascript Web Widget allows you to create content relevant to your users and embed it in your website with a few simple lines of code. The widget then automatically displays the latest development research from a wide variety of trusted sources based on your preferences.
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WordPress Exposer

A plugin that prepares the content from your WordPress CMS, and generates a formatted XML file for submission into the OKHub.
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