OKhub.org API fields

Items in the Hub are collated from a wide range of content sources. When this content is imported, we aim to include as many fields from the source as possible. Therefore it is not possible to document all the fields that are available in all the content sources added to the OKhub.org.

There are some core fields which are used to make it easier use and manage content in the hub. These include:

  • Fields which are present in all OKHub.org items
  • Hub combined fields which we have mapped to fields from sources to allow filtering, searching and sorting across all the content.

The values for fields are separated by source and language, to allow extraction of the most relevant information.

Core OKhub.org fields

Fields which are present in all OKhub.org items.

Field Name Description Examples
item_id Unique identifier of this item in the hub Numeric
item_type The type of item, in this case “Document”  e.g. Document / Theme / Country / Region
metadata_language The languages of the metadata for this item, in ISO 2 character format en / es / fr
metadata_url Web-accessible uri for this item on the original site
object_id The id of the item in the source
object_type The type of item, as described by the source A source may describe a field as “Topic”. This is mapped to “Theme” in the Hub
sources The sources providing metadata for this item eldis / ella /opendocs
title Title of the research paper or document. This also includes Source and language

The following core fields are specific to the item type.


Documents are a wide range of online resources, primarily academic research, on development issues the majority of which are freely available online. For example, Eldis documents are being provided to the Hub through the IDS API.

Field Name Description Attributes*
author This is the name of the author(s) of the document
date_created Date the object was added to the source. Date
date_updated Date the object was last modified in the source. Date
description Abstract or summary of the research paper. This summary has been prepared by a thematic expert and gives a brief overview of the contents of the research, including any findings and recommendations. Combined Language
hub_theme The thematic areas which the document covers. Also referred to as topic. Combined Language
hub_country The given name of countries that the document focuses on. Combined, Language
hub_region The geographic region the document focusses on. e.g. Sub-saharan African Combined Language
publisher The given name of the publisher of the document Combined Language
keyword Subject keywords that relate to the document Combined
hub_document_type Type of document, e.g. Research report, policy brief Combined
urls The urls of the document which metadata describes, often a link to a PDF document. There may be more than one version of the document on the internet, in different languages or different formats Combined
publication_date Date the research document was first published This is often given as the first day of the year where the exact date is not known
publication_year Year the document was first published
publisher Organisation that published the research.
publisher_country Name of the country that the publisher is based in
urls URLs of the full text document. This document is usually hosted on the publishers’ website as a PDF but may have several formats or language versions.
website_url The webpage of the metadata as it appears on the website of the contributing source.