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Questions about content

Q: What content can I access from
Q: How can I use content from
Q: What are the benefits of using content from
Q: Is the content free of copyright?
Q: Can I download documents, like PDFs, directly from
Q: How do I know if has the content I want?
Q: How often is the content updated?
Q: How can I flag up inappropriate content that I have found in

Questions about registering to use the API

Q: Where do I register for an API key?
Q: Why do I have to register?
Q: I have lost my password and cannot access my account.

Questions about using the API

Q: How do I use the API?
Q: What methods are available in the API?
Q: Can I post content to via the API?
Q: Where can I get support about using the API?
Q: Where do I post a feature request or enhancement to the API?
Q: Which fields are returned by the API?

Q: Is there any rate limit on API calls?

Q: What content can I access from

Questions about using a plugin

Q: Where can I get technical support about using the plugins?
Q: Where do I post a feature request or enhancement to the plugins?

Questions about developing an application or contributing to our codebase

Q: I have a great idea for an application that uses content?
Q: I think I can make the plugin/API better. Can I fork the code or should I submit code to you for incorporating in the main branch?

Questions about contributing content to

Q: My organisation has lots of relevant documents that it would like to add to How do I add content to
Q: Do you have a standard format for contributing data to


Last updated: 1 October 2014

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